Precision, full traceability and documentation

Precision, full traceability and comprehensive documentation together with an innovative approach towards the manufacturing of components makes Jan Bach Maskinfabrik an ideal business partner for the pharmaceutical industry.

If you choose us as your supplier, our production technicians are ready to be part of the entire process - from the project start-up phase with advice and exchanging knowledge and ideas about the first prototypes to the commissioning phase and optimisation of ready-to-use serial production units - all in close dialogue with you.

We have an efficient robotic production that ensures that your high-quality products are made around the clock with great precision and that they are accompanied by the required documentation and traceability.

Perfect surfaces are an important parameter for pharmaceutical products - and that is why we work together with a wide range of competent surface supplies who meet our high quality requirements.

Via our Monitor ERP system, we can manage productions batches, serial numbers, certificates and charge numbers.

In our temperature-controlled measuring room, our measuring equipment is ready to perform ongoing process controls and document the final control.

Jan Bach Maskinfabrik is certified under the ISO9001:2015 standard and continually works with optimising quality assurance and documentation processes.

produkt 1
Material: Stainless steel
Machine: Okuma turn cell
Industry: Medical
produkt 2
Material: Aluminum
Machine: Mazak 5-axis Palletech System
Industry: Medical
produkt 3
Material: Aluminum
Maskine: Okuma turn cell
Industry: Medical