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FSM system

Help to ensure rational production and optimum quality

At Jan Bach Maskinfabrik, we work with a double 5-axis Mazak FMS system. This gives us large milling capacity and allows for rapid changeover between different tasks. With this system, we can serve customers both at home and abroad.

The two systems have 36 pallets and 4 setter stations, which provides a flexible workflow and an optimal approach for the loading/unloading of the machine.

The milling center can operate 24/7/365, and the two 5-axis milling centers each work with 18,000 spindle rotations, 70 bar of coolant, and 288 tool carriers - manned as well as automated. Staffing is as low as possible during the day and automated at night to achieve the lowest possible cost per part.

We offer advanced CNC milling and CNC turning and have extensive experience in the production of complex components. We are therefore most likely able to help you with your task.
Contact us for more information about our facilities and efficient production.

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